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The change in flow we face throughout life

Transform your business and your life

Why work with Janelle?

Janelle Gleisner is a professional businesswoman with a big heart.  She has pure intentions and an energy that is contagious. Her ability to connect with people heart to heart is like no other, allowing her to live out her purpose - to be an example - to impact, serve and empower leaders. Whether you are a leader in your own life or a leader in your business, now is the time to elevate your business life, your personal life, or both to the next level. Janelle can support you in creating harmony, joy, and abundance in all of your endeavors.

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My Story

Janelle started training in martial arts when she was 14 years old. She achieved the esteemed rank of 8th degree black belt and Chief Master title in Taekwondo. At the mere age of 23, she started her journey to become a successful businesswoman. In addition to earning 24 World Championship titles, she has also owned seven martial arts schools and supported over 20 of her juniors with the opening and operations of their locations. While running her own martial arts businesses, she was contacted by one of the largest individual martial arts operators and brought on as a consultant to advise, mentor, and coached their operations of 21 martial arts locations. Janelle then expanded her dossier and started a martial arts business consulting company, Success MAPS (Martial Arts Professional Systems), where she consulted, coached and mentored well over 100 other operators. She transitioned into a corporate position and took on the role of Vice President in Sales and Operations for the largest martial arts organization in the world. She did a business analysis with the company and continued to consult over 1,400 operators as well as build new future licensees growing the company. She set up operation systems and procedures and developed business training systems for the licensees and their teams.  She conducted and delivered the training through a public speaking platform, one on one in person as well as developed an online training course. She didn’t stop there; she conducted small group and corporate self-defense classes for a diverse variety of groups, businesses, and ages. Janelle has always been about contribution and personal growth. A few years back she was introduced to a leadership and character development company, where she expanded her array of knowledge and continues daily in practicing her personal growth. She volunteered and contributed to this company and their non-profit organization. Her character embodies the values of a martial art - warrior of discipline, compassion, as well as integrity, loyalty, and respect.

Consulting Services

Be the Expert in your Endeavors! Creating harmony and joy in the wave you choose. It is Janelle's honor to work with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. Let's find YOUR solutions, together.



Uplevel Yourself

Be challenged and inspired. Let's uplevel every area of yourself and conquer your next goals, together! 



Training & Discipline

Want to feel more confident and more secure? She can teach you tools in self defense classes. Whether it's one on one, a small group of friends, or bring Janelle to your corporate office. 


Life and Business

Whether it's personal, small businesses or corporations, she can accelerate the trajectory of your success. Let's overcome your challenges together.

Success Stories

 “As a businesswoman, Janelle strived and always looked ‘outside the box’ to continue to grow personally and professionally. During her martial arts journey, she rose quickly to a position of leadership and authority, and everyone held her in high regard and had deep respect for her. No task was beneath her, and every task was completed in a professional and timely manner. Everyone that encountered her and benefited from her expertise and guidance.
She has not only impacted many, but she has also left an imprint with those that had the pleasure to be with her personally and professionally. I will forever be grateful for knowing her.” E.S.

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